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U.S. rooftops more than just a pretty view

August 2015

New York’s skyscrapers may still lead the way when it comes to making the most of their rooftops but on the other side of the country, where the buildings are shorter and the sun is more prevalent, JLL Vice President Maureen Hawley is watching the trend for maximising the potential of the very top floor unfold in Los Angeles.

“We’re seeing many landlords take a really hard look at how they can incorporate outdoor spaces into high rises in particular,” Hawley says. Many of those buildings stand in L.A.’s CBD, a submarket that features more campus environments than downtown L.A. has to offer, and where landlords are keen to get in on the thriving media and technology sector leasing activity.

In some industries, outdoor spac is quickly moving from a perk to a requirement. “When you’re looking especially at tech and media firms, the competition to attract and retain talent is so fierce, so they are constantly trying to develop the best and the newest workplace,” Hawley says.