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U.S., Chile and Mexico emerge to emerge as logistics hub

December 2015

Over  the  next  decade,  20  markets  worldwide—including  South  Florida;  Santiago,  Chile;  Bajio, Mexico; and Philadelphia—are set to emerge as global logistics hubs, according to a new report from CBRE. These emerging locations share a number of characteristics, including significant investments in  infrastructure,  new  trade  policies  and  agreements,  and  more  advanced  supply  chains  and technologies.

International  trade  is  a  powerful  stimulant  to  economic  and  business development  and  it  is  very dynamic  in  the  longer  term. Changes to infrastructure  and  regulations  and  the  growth  of  new markets means there  is a continual need  to drive efficiency through adjustment to supply chains, said  Richard  Barkham,  global  chief  economist,  CBRE. Logistics  hubs  are  the  main  driving  force behind  the  industrial  real  estate  markets  and  are  at  the  centre  of  large  clusters  of  distribution facilities. South Florida, the region that includes Port  Miami and Port  Everglades  (Ft. Lauderdale), is a prime example of a long-time regional hub that is positioned to emerge as a global hub.  In addition, the Americas region has a vast collection of free trade agreements that began with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994.