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Madagascar could move to the top of emerging leisure destinations

November 2015

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar has 5,000 km of Indian Ocean coastline and has a unique natural offering with 90% of all its flora and fauna widespread. It also has huge potential and a unique ecological offering, says JLL.

Xander Nijnens Senior Vice President, Hotels and Hospitality Group, Sub-Saharan Africa says that eco-tourism and resort and island tourism is a high potential segment. Nijnens points out that hotel and tourism investment is a challenge, although, things are looking up. “The recent take-over of the management of several airports by Aeroports de Paris and a push to open skies could change this. Once good air access is in place between tourist markets and Antananarivo and once reliable domestic connections are available the country will open up. Add political stability and increased tourism promotion to the mix and this country could move to the top of emerging leisure destinations,” says Nijnens.

Nijnens adds that while there are select opportunities to invest in existing assets with potential, most lack scale, although this is one for the watch list for the mid- to long-term.