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Dubai World Central names its landmark project ‘Dubai South’

September 2015

Dubai World Central, a subsidiary of Dubai Aviation City Corporation, has named its 145 square kilometre master-planned city ‘Dubai South.’

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman, Dubai Aviation City Corporation, said: “The Government of Dubai has been working to build a new destination – which we are naming ‘Dubai South’ – where individuals can empower themselves to achieve their legitimate aspirations to the greater good of society…Dubai South is the emirate’s flagship urban project that will set benchmarks for the rest of the emirate in terms of manifesting the themes of happiness as set out in Dubai Plan 2021.”

As a city basing itself on the happiness of the individual, Dubai South aims to change the fundamental concept around how a community is built and what it stands for. The city’s ecosystem is expected to generate over half a million jobs and sustain a total population twice that number.

Dubai South hosts the now-operational Al Maktoum International Airport, which will become the world’s largest once complete. The airport will have capacity to fly 220 million passengers and 16 million tons of cargo per year, and will play a decisive role as a major contributor to the emirate’s GDP and employment generator. Dubai South will host the World Expo 2020 and the Dubai Airshow.