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Dubai Holding unveils Jumeirah Central

Dubai Holding unveils Jumeirah Central

September 2016

Dubai Holding has unveiled the approved masterplan of Jumeirah Central, a game-changing district development on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Jumeirah Central is an urban mixed-use city district envisaged to become the most accessible, functional and valuable real estate in Dubai. Jumeirah Central will comprise 47 million sqft of Gross Floor Area (‘GFA’). It will introduce many innovative urban planning and quality of life concepts that are a first in the region.

Ahmad Bin Byat, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Dubai Holding, said: “Dubai Holding has a strong track record of delivering iconic city districts across Dubai. The uniqueness of this district captures the ambitions of Dubai and will contribute to the Emirate’s long-term social development and growth. Jumeirah Central extends Dubai’s tourism vision past 2020 and will further reinforce Dubai’s position as the region’s leading international tourist destination.”

The masterplan has been subject to consultation with thousands of residents, tourists, investors and businesses, whose views on the future of Dubai’s urban fabric and lifestyle needs have been encapsulated in the new plan. The scheme is focused on delivering a true community environment, supporting rich social interaction.

Jumeriah Central is planned as an intuitive, phaseable and highly adaptive street grid that enables future industry innovations and lifestyle needs to be organically accommodated. As Dubai’s first genuine mixed-use community, the district aims to create 24/7 vitality, year-round economic resiliency and efficient optimisation of infrastructure, such as car parking.

It will include 278 individual building projects:

o             11,000 residential units

o             9.1 million sqft of retail space

o             8 million sqft of office space

o             7,200 hotel rooms

o             40 new entertainment attractions

o             37 plazas

o             33 parks

Jumeirah Central is a transit orientated, highly accessible and permeable urban centre with 25 points of vehicular access and the opportunity for people to move about throughout the year utilising; the shade from buildings, which will be closer together, walkways through buildings allowing pedestrians to ‘borrow’ air-conditioning and climate-controlled arcades. Jumeirah Central will be designed to encourage the use of public transport with more conveniently positioned metro, tram, bus, shuttle, bicycles and aerial gondola services’ than is currently available across Dubai.

Aligned with the Government’s strategy to drive innovation, Jumeirah Central comprises 50 urban planning innovations that are set to improve the quality of life for future generations and increase happiness and overall well-being. This will be Dubai’s first climate controlled, sustainable and walkable district that puts people first and it will define the future of Dubai’s urban landscape.

Phase One will break ground in 2017.

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