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A bridge between east and west


1 November 2014 In just 25 years, the Polish economy has developed into a competitive capitalist market economy and along with it, the country’s real estate market has evolved into a mature sector with ample investment opportunities. If we compare Poland to other members of the European Union, especially to Mediterranean countries such as Spain

Optimism based on Robust Fundamentals

Istanbul Skyscrapper

Turkey’s real estate market continues its upward growth trend – Cityscape provides a detailed insight into the performance of its various asset classes.

Dubai Market Takes Centrestage in International Property Landscape


On the back of positive economic performance, its regional ‘safe haven’ status and maturing market conditions, Dubai once again cements its place as the region’s preferred real estate investment market.

Bahrain Emerges

Bahrain Emerges

The Bahrain Government’s wide-ranging investment programme appears to be working, as confidence lifts, and investors and developers return to the market.