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Auckland ranks 7th in global investment intensity survey

June 2015

Auckland has ranked 7th in the world in JLL’s latest City Investment Index for Q1 2015. One of the region’s most transparent markets, Auckland climbed six places as investment volumes doubled over the past year.

JLL’s City Investment Intensity Index compares the volume of direct real estate investment over a three-year period relative to the current economic size of a city. The Index provides a measure of real estate market liquidity, as well as a useful barometer of a city’s overall ‘health.’ It highlights cities that are punching above their weight in terms of attracting real estate investment.

“This is Auckland’s best ever performance in the JLL study and a key indicator that we are beginning to reach the global forefront in terms of our transparent and liquid real estate market. Auckland’s competitive advantage is its high-quality commercial stock that is encouraging international real estate interest,” says Nick Hargreaves, Managing Director for JLL New Zealand.

Auckland emerged as one of Australia’s most transparent markets as investment volumes doubled over the past year.

“For Auckland to beat New York, Singapore and several major Chinese markets underlines the attractiveness of the location,” says Justin Kean, Head of Research at JLL New Zealand.